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Professionals Reveal Secrets of Falconry

Professional falconers demonstrate how falcons hunt, with the assistance of GPS trackers, hoods, and bells.

This Man Turned His Life Around by Mastering Falconry | National Geographic

Hear the remarkable story of Rodney Stotts, an ex-drug dealer who turned his life around to become a master falconer. ➡ Subscribe: ...

Art of Falconry in Dubai

The ancient art of falconry is alive and well in Dubai, where breeding and training these incredible birds is a family affair. Watch as generations practice falconry ...

Understanding Falconry (1990, UK)

Video taped in Gloucestershire and Scotland, this programme will inform, entertain and provide a real fountain of knowledge for anybody who has ever admired ...

An Introduction to Falconry

An Introduction to Falconry Looking into becoming a falconer? Check out this helpful guide I've compiled by clicking the following link!

Falconry - How to Get Started

Marten Benatar, a Board of Director member for The California Hawking Club and Head of Education for The Center for Re-Connecting with Nature, takes his ...

3 of the Most Common Raptor Breeds Used for Falconry

Two of which you'll likely start with as a falconer. Rated Red's Paxton Elrod heads to East Tennessee to join falconer Chase Young and his raptors for an inside ...

Falconry in the Modern World

Falconry by Adam Baz @hawkonhand / Video by Braden Spotts @robotbraden Falconry is a 4000 year old partnership between man and beast. It is the art of ...

Falconry - hunting with sparrowhawk 2018


Falconry (in HD)

Falconry in Adair Village, Oregon with 2 Harris Hawks. Falconry or hawking is a sport which involves the use of trained raptors (birds of prey) to hunt or pursue ...



USAFA Falconry

The Academy's falconry team performs for nearly 600000 spectators a year at sporting events and educational visits nationwide. The first Academy class ...

Goshawks Manning In Pakistan a film by Pakistan Falconry Association

My Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mr.eagle92 My Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/213281542169708/ Thanks for watched.


In order of appearance; Ferruginous Pygmy Owl Barn Owl Kestrel Long eared Owl Peregrine Falcon Gyrfalcon Red Tailed Hawk Chilean Eagle.

Taking an Eyass Cooper's Hawk for Falconry: The Beginning of a Journey

Filmed by Montana with Canon, GoPro, and Contour Cameras. This nestling Cooper's hawk was taken for falconry purposes covered under state and federal ...

Falconry in Philly

Courtney Douds, a licensed falconer, is teaching her red tailed hawk Addy to hunt. KRISTEN BALDERAS/STAFF.

The Art of Falconry: Roaming the Countryside with Trained Birds of Prey (Hampshire, England)

Falconers have flown their birds in England's New Forest for nearly 1000 years. Paul Manning is just one of the latest to practice this ancient pastime. Made by ...

Lure of Falconry

An introduction to the sport of Falconry in California. Produced by the California Hawking Club. Directed, shot and edited by Scott Stender, Digit Production ...

Falconry Season 2017-18 Unboxing

My female Peregrine Falcon arrived from the breeder. Getting her out of the crate, and getting new equipment on her.

peregrine falcons

This video teaches about Peregrine falcons as a species, as well as their use in the ancient art of falconry.

Falconry: Understanding the role of food.

This video describes how to properly understand the role of food when training a raptor in the sport of falconry. It gives some tips on the mindsets that separate ...

How to find joy. In falconry. With a chicken.

If you can't have the best, sometimes it's OK to settle for second-best. Welcome to chicken philosophy 101. Enjoy.

The British Falconry Fair 2017

Duncombe Park.

Falconry: Hunting with Harris's Hawks Part 1

Take flight with casts of Harris's Hawks, the only social raptor, as falconers from the Georgia Falconry Association hunt squirrels. How would you like to be part of ...

Bontang Falconry


Falconry in Saskatchewan

Come along as members and friends of the Saskatchewan Falconry Association take us on their annual hunt in Riverhurst, Saskatchewan. Check out more great ...

American Kestrels in Falconry

This video goes over the use of American kestrels in modern falconry and discusses some of the strengths and limitations of the species as a game hawk.

Merlins in falconry

An introduction to Merlins- North Americas second smallest falcon. This video is a falconry video and talks about training merlins in the sport of falconry. NOTE: ...

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